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Don’t Wait Until You Can’t Move, Please! Book an appointment today with Gotcher’ Back Massage Therapy! Suzanne Newman will help you and if she can not she will get you to someone that can! If I could tell you how many new clients come in and say, “All of a sudden I was in pain”! It may seem that way to you but it does not work that way.

What happens is we get use to it, just like emotions! I’ll push it away and i’ll be fine or it’s not my problem. When we practice prevention and take respodsibility for the problem as soon as we possibly can, the pain can subside. Massage is one of the most beneficial body treatments you can get,  it done right!

The thought manifests something, it’s either positive or negative or somewhere in between. When it’s an excessive amount of negative the body will tighten…fear/stress, whether conscious or unconscious and some kind of pain will occur. Day after day of this the body becomes so tight it’s hard for oxygen to flow in the body,  this is why massage is so important. Thus… big problems occur so please do yourself a favor! Put money aside and get a massage at least once a month you deserve that and so does your health!



Piriformis technique from Balancing the Pelvis with Tom Myers


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