1. Get those hard to reach areas that need to be Massaged. Take a tennis ball while you are sitting in a hard chair and yes… sit on it! There are a lot of Trigger Points that you can release so experiment. (Trigger Points are areas of pain through out the body. When you go directly into the pain with a tennis ball, golf ball, elbow or Massage tool they release after a few seconds, which is called Trigger Point Therapy. I use this method in your Massage treatment) You can position the ball (Tennis or Golf)against the back of your chair by your shoulder blades and lean into the ball.
  2. Take two balls Tennis or Golf tie them into men’s dress socks as shown in the diagram below. Place knots where they pull the balls close enough together to fit your back so that the balls are on either side of the spine. NOT ON THE SPINE. Locate the area of pain and fix the balls so they are directly on the painful spot and allow your body weight to push into the Trigger Point for relief.

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