Do you want to feel better and stay healthy?



  • Drink filtered water, at least 8 glasses.
  • Eat organically.
  • Eat only meat once in a blue moon.
  • Eat plenty of greens.
  • Read the labels on foods.Exercise and practice yoga.
  • Take time for reflection.
  • Get a Massage at least once a month from me.
  • Get Chiropractic adjustments with Dr Cohn who I work with at 609-683-3996.
  • Book an appointment with me today…609-683-1608

I feel truly lucky that I have a job that I love. I can’t imagine my life without massage and I can’t imagine not receiving massage either, my body can’t live without it. I had to go quite a while without getting massages due to not being able to find a massage therapist that was not only a good massage therapist but, one that understood how to work with a body and how it responds to the right amount of touch. I believe that if all of the people that never received Massage got a Intelligent Massage they would be amazed at how stressed and how much tension they where holding inside them. At times there is necessary discomfort/ pain to heal in getting a Massage. It sounds like life doesn’t it?

The bodies response to massage is that persons willingness to start a healing process or not. It is truly amazing to see how environment, eating habits, attitude, emotional expression or lack thereof can either facilitate or inhibit their healing process. There are some people who want to stay in their pain, it serves some kind of purpose to them. Not everyone wants to move forward and we can find many ways to sabotage our path to healing to success and self peace. It can start out as low back pain, shoulder and neck tightness, or an injury that we may need to make us come to a screeching halt. I know this because I truly believe that’s what happened with me when I was hit and suffer major damage to a disk in my neck from a car accident.

Gifts come in many shapes and forms. It’s if you choose to look at them and how you look at them and even if you want to look at them. There are a lot of people that won’t agree with this. My intention is not to gain a popularity contest. It is to speak the truth as I see it, one body at a time. What I do for a living is a gift. My favorite people to work on our athletes.The problem is, most people that do repetitive sports, running, biking, college sports, swimming and all the rest of the sports not mentioned need to realize that massage and stretching are imperative to staying injury free and keeping them at peak performance. Do your body and mind a favor book an appointment today, be open minded and give it a try!

I have a couple people in stores and products I would like to highly recommend. I guess I’m fortunate that when I don’t know how to do something I have no problem asking for help. I watch people at the gym, some of my clients, friends and people just running by, not knowing what they’re doing. Please learn to ask when it comes to working out, running or any sport or practice. You can injure yourself and you don’t need to. Plus learning to do it the right way first saves a lot of time. When I recommend someone my credibility is on the line so, when I recommend someone you can bet that I’m pretty damn sure that they are excellent at what they do.

I would like to recommend an incredible fitness trainer, Clyde Mealy. Clyde is a personal trainer that I would recommend to any parent who wants their child to have the best training possible. I would say, he rates on a scale of 1 to 10 on every level is a 10. Please contact him at or phone him at 732-309-4667. I can promise that you will not be disappointed. I would also like to highly recommend, which I believe goes hand-in-hand with massage is chiropractic. Dr. Ari Cohn is by far one of the best chiropractors in Princeton. You can reach Ari at 609-683-3996. I did a lot of research on chiropractors, because I knew that I wanted to have my massage practice with a chiropractor and I’m happy it is Dr. Cohn. There is also another excellent body worker, who I admire and aspire today like Laurie Latner who specializes in Rolfing/structural integration. You can reach Laurie at 609-497-3232. Although I do not know any excellent craniosacral therapists. I find that if you have a family member that has had a stroke. This might be where you want to go. There is a web-site called there is a practitioner locator on that site. I recommend that they have several levels in several years under their belt. I study craniosacral one and I apply it in sessions. I would not consider myself a cranio-sacral specialist.

Here are a few stores in Princeton, that I would like to endorse as well. One is The Walking Company. Their phone number is 609-252-9255. The people that work there are wonderful. And I want to recommend one of the most genius pair of shoes I have ever worn. They amaze me every time I put them on. The shoes are called MBT’s. If you treat yourself to one thing this year buy yourself a pair of these shoes and you won’t be disappointed. I would like to say something to all the runners and joggers in Princeton the only place I know that is truly knowledgeable about what type of shoe you should be running in is The Princeton Running Company. They can be reached at 609-252-9110. The two of these stores are located on Nassau Street here in Princeton, New Jersey.

If you work out on a regular basis there are a few things I think you should own. One is a yoga mat, first to do yoga on and there are plenty of you classes here in Princeton too. This yoga mat can be used for stretching and to stabilize yourself on your physio- ball. You need to buy a physio- ball as well. The next item is a Foam Roller or The Stick. If you’re a runner, biker, candlestick maker you need to loosen that ilio tibial band (That’s that tight band that runs down the outer sides of both of your legs, that starts at your hip and runs down to your knee.) Also, your quadriceps, calves and hamstrings. The only other way to get relief from these tight areas is through massage. The stick by the way is a little bit more handier. It’s a flexible plastic tool that is used to strip the quadriceps, calves, hamstrings and shoulders. I sell these items in my practice, along with a wonderful foot roller, which is great to prevent plantar fasciitis. Please feel free to contact me and stop by to purchase them. or 609-683-1608. These items are relatively inexpensive and are extremely helpful in preventing injuries, and that’s what it’s all about, prevention.

I am finding it harder and harder to find Massage Therapists that know what they are doing. When I say this I am talking about Therapeutic Massage Therapy which is different than Spa/relaxation Massage. I work mostly on Athletes, Sports injuries and rehabilitation clients. I hear more and more from my new clients how frustrated they are with the Massage Therapists out there and how happy they are to have found me. I am pleased with their wonderful compliments and the new clients but, frustrated with whats going on with our Massage Therapists. Please for the people that are looking for a Massage Therapist out there, feel free to call me for referrals. I know great Chiroprators in Princeton, NJ, a few great Accupucturists, one excellent Rolfer/Structural integration therapist, energy workers and a few great nutritionists. I am also taking new clients daily and if you are at all unhappy with me I do know a few good Massage Therapists too.

To the Massage Therapists out there. Do not advertize things you can not do and are not your strenghts. People will not come back. Your client should not have to tell you what to do. You are the professional. It is so important to listen and yes, ask them their problem area/areas but, it is your job to know how to promote healing and to suggest things to your client to do to help them selves. I have had Massages where Therapists do not understand that every thing is connected and I had to show them what to do to release a muscle but, also work on the surrounding areas. Then hand them the money at the end. I walked out more stressed out than I did when I walked in.

Please read, watch video’s, attend seminars on what you do if you want clients and want to keep them. If you want to do fluff Massage say that you just do Swedish Massage. Every Massage should be geared to what your clients issues are. I have no two Massages that are alike. I don’t understand this name the Massage thing. They are custom made to suit you as they all should be by every Massage Therapist unless you are doing Swedish Massage which, I consider to do on someone who has lost a loved one, someone totally stressed out or won’t allow themselves to feel pain which says alot right there. Then don’t go there with them untill they are ready.

Don’t get me wrong, touch no matter what is healing as long as your intent is to heal. Just make sure you advertize what you do correctly. If you don’t clients do not come back.

  Massage Therapy has been my passion for going on 14 years. I’d like to give a few pointers on what I have seen and felt from the massage therapy that I’ve received. Please this is based on what my body needs from a massage therapy.  I believe there are many different types of bodywork but, I think the one that is used most frequently is Massage Therapy.  The clients that are getting massages need to know the difference between spa and gym massages and therapeutic/deep tissue massage in order to know what type of massage to get.  I consider myself some what an athlete; deep tissue massage is a must for me.  My frustration in most of the massages that I have received and I say this in order to help other massage therapists. There is a lack of proper body mechanics, to correct this issue is by keeping the wrists and arms aligned properly and also the proper body stance. Self assurance shows in the strength in massage therapist’s hands and a confident touch. Strong hands are incredibly important not only to give the work that is needed for athletes but, also to prevent injury for your selves. Push ups help. Yoga is another great hand strengthener. There is also lifting weights, squeezing tennis balls or grippers.

 I see a lack of   knowledge also in how to release the muscles that are tight on clients. That is my major complaint with all the massages I have received. It has also been a complaint of new clients coming to me. Trigger point work is very easy to learn and is needed for everyone. I use it on every client. I explain to my clients when you work out you are sore the next day.  In the same respect that’s what happens with a good massage at times. You are a little sore the next day. This is not a bad thing! This means that lactic acid and adhesions have been broken up. Blood is flowing in area’s that where once tight.  I also tell my clients you may be a little sore the next day but, the following day you’ll feel great. I base this on the great reviews I get and the great tips! What makes an excellent Massage Therapist is taking care of yourself; understanding your client’s body and gearing that massage session to their needs.

There is a need I’m sure for more superficial massages.  What I mean by this is a lighter touch.  I firmly believe the athletic community needs deep tissue work, therapeutic massage.  Let me explain this. When I run, lift weights, bike ride and practicing yoga, I am building muscle.  In building muscle what is happening is we continually stress our muscles often causing Micro- tears within the muscle fibers as well as a build up of Lactic acid / waste products. Your Muscles need oxygen to function properly and efficiently, nutrients such as amino acids to repair damaged muscle fibers and lymphatic fluid carry waste away from the muscles. Oxygen, nutrients and lymphatic fluid are transported through your body via the blood stream.

Massage therapy markedly increases your body’s recovery rate by increasing blood flow within your circulatory system so Oxygen arrives faster to the area in need. Amino acids are delivered quickly and the waste products get moved rapidly away from the muscles.

Clients with medical injuries, football player’s at the colleges, runners, bikers, tennis players, weight lifters and all other repetitive sports cause muscles to contract in a relatively shortened range of motion for long periods of time. These tight muscles cause extra strain to be placed on tendons and may result in common injuries like Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendentious, Iliotibial Band Syndrome and Shine Splints. Adhesions that form within the fascial connective tissue surrounding muscle fibers can also cause tightness.

Massage breaks up adhesions as well as broadens and lengthens muscle fibers. Freeing up fascia in and around muscles and creating length within muscles which helps prevent injury because it reduces the stain placed on the tendons. Staying healthy and preventing injury threw massage lead to improved athletic performance increasing range of motion in the hip, knee and ankle joints by releasing and lengthening leg muscles through Massage can increase stride length, which will, in- turn increase running speed and thus improve performance. Weather you run for stress relief, pure enjoyment or in competition, Massage Therapy can be extremely beneficial and will improve athletic performance. Call today to make an appointment and feel the difference. Office 609-683-1608