The Amazing Kinesio Taping® Suzanne Newman Gotcher’ Back Massage Therapy

 I am amazed at the results I am getting with my clients as much as they are. This is truly fascinating relieving pain and edema so quickly in most cases. The Tape is water proof so it can stay on up to 5 days. The increased lymphatic circulation in muscle and joint pain relief is astounding. There is a vast amount that can be done with taping. Please call for an appointment today 609-683-1608.

  Kinesio Taping® is a technique based on the body’s own natural healing process. This Kinesio Taping® exhibits its efficacy through the activation of neurological and circulatory systems. This method basically stems from the science of Kinesiology. Hence the name “Kinesio” is used. Muscles are not only attributed to the movements of the body but also control the circulation of venous and lymph flows, body temperature and much more. Therefore, the failure of the muscles to function properly induces various kinds of symptoms in the body.

  Consequently, so much attention was given to the importance of muscle function that the idea of treating the muscles in order to activate the body’s own healing process came about. Using an elastic tape, it was discovered that muscles and other tissues could be helped by outside assistance. The use of Kinesio Taping® creates a totally new approach to treating nerves, muscles and organs. The first application of Kinesio Taping® was for a patient with articular disorders.

  The first 19 years Kinesio Taping was used by Orthopedists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and other medical practitioners, where the main users of Kinesio Taping®. Olympic volleyball players discovered Kinesio Taping® and soon there after the word spread to other athletes. Today Kinesio Taping® is accepted by medical practitioners and athletes.

  Muscles constantly extend and contract within a normal range; however, when muscles over extend and over contract and a good example of a muscle in this condition is a person lifting an excessive amount of weight.The muscles can’t recover and becomes inflamed, the fatigue also comes from the muscle being swollen and stiff. The space between the skin and muscle is compressed, resulting in constriction to the flow of lymphatic fluid. The compression also applies pressure to the pain receptors beneath the skin, which in turn communicates,” discomfort signals” to the brain thus the person experiences muscular pain.

   Conventional athletic tape is designed to restrict muscle movement of affected muscles and joints.For this purpose, layers of tape are applied around and / or over the injury. This pressure causes a significant obstruction of natural flow of body fluid. This type of tape wrapping is applied before a sport activity and removed immediately when the sport is finished. Kinesio Taping® is based on a different philosophy that aims to give free range of motion in order to allow the body’s muscular system to heal itself bio- mechanically.

 To ensure that the muscles have free range of motion, elastic tapes with an elasticity of 130-140% of its original length are recommended for Kinesio Taping®. This specific elasticity also will not allow an over stretch of the muscles themselves. It may look like conventional athletic tape, but tape and Kinesio Taping® is fundamentally different in many ways. 

  Kinesio Taping® alleviates pain and facilitates lymphatic drainage by microscopically lifting the skin. The taped portion forms convolutions in the skin, thus increasing interstitial space. The result is that pressure and irritation are taken off the neural and sensory receptors, alleviating pain. Pressure is gradually taken off the lymphatic system, allowing it to channel more freely.

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This might seem not to be about massage therapy, but I look at massage therapy as prevention from ill health. In Chinese medicine, we do not separate ourselves from the environment like we do in Western medicine. What I mean by this is the earth is made up of five elements, Wood, Metal, Fire, Water and Earth. These elements are within the body, but we continue to separate ourselves from nature more and more. I am not going to get into to much of five elements of Chinese medicine. If you’re interested in that, please feel free to do some research on it. I’m sure you’ll find it amazing.

Why I bring up the five elements of Chinese medicine is when we are out of balance with nature we become as unhealthy as our surroundings. Example, the bodies of waters of the world are getting more and more polluted. The body of water inside our body is the kidneys and Bladder. The reason I bring up this element is because there is a taste, a smell, an emotion and the negative feeling   is FEAR to the water element, Now you say, what does this have to do with massage.

Well, I’ll try to simplify it for you. The world as a whole is finally hitting the bottom. I hope for our sakes this is it. For years we have looked at the government as the mommy and daddy. We never question them why? They’ll take care of us, no questions asked. Are any of you really surprised that we are where we are today? Did everyone think that they could just go about their business focusing selfishly without any foresight on what was and is going on? Now, panic and fear mode, which accomplishes nothing. We are all responsible for the environmental, economical and financial mess we are in.

Then healthcare. I should really say our lack there of heath care. We never, ever question the doctor, after all it is so much easier to be the victim of our ill health. How could this have happened to me? I watch TV, it informs me of the medications that I should take to solve all my problem. It tells me all about the healthy foods from the fast food joints, to the prepared food, to the white flour to the sugar blah blah blah blah blah.

Well, I my friends am fed up with the ignorance of lazy, unmotivated, selfish people. I tell my clients the truth. I am not here to fix anyone. I am here to help you to heal, to give you information and your on your own. The people that come to me thinking I’m going to put a Band-Aid on them I will not continue seeing.

We need to teach ourselves to focus on finding the solution. Blame never brings about change. Taking responsibility for the parts you play in every relationship as well as removing yourselves from the ones that are unhealthy, is our responsibility.

The problems we have manifested will take time to solve. Taking responsibility for changing our health will take time as well. The most important part is to take charge of the thoughts we think, the way we look at each day and most important, the way we treat and talk to others. That my friend is really all we have control over.

Again, how does this tie into massage therapy? You have one body, one mind, and plenty of healing to do. I can offer massage therapy that helps you reconnect to your body even if it’s only for an hour. It takes stress to bring about change. Stress will always be in our lives. It does lodge itself in our bodies. It’s what we do with it and again I offer a solution through massage therapy.

I only hope that all of us can have a shift in our thinking and open our minds to healing ourselves. A ripple effect will happen if we as a whole get on a path of healing. It’s funny, I am not a religious person but, I am spiritual. I also have attention deficit disorder, so remembering things doesn’t come easy to me. It does strike me as unusual that the one thing that I do know by heart, is the Lord’s Prayer and massage therapy. I know with out one doubt massage works and I believe we can have a heaven here on earth.

Do you want to feel better and stay healthy?



  • Drink filtered water, at least 8 glasses.
  • Eat organically.
  • Eat only meat once in a blue moon.
  • Eat plenty of greens.
  • Read the labels on foods.Exercise and practice yoga.
  • Take time for reflection.
  • Get a Massage at least once a month from me.
  • Get Chiropractic adjustments with Dr Cohn who I work with at 609-683-3996.
  • Book an appointment with me today…609-683-1608

I feel truly lucky that I have a job that I love. I can’t imagine my life without massage and I can’t imagine not receiving massage either, my body can’t live without it. I had to go quite a while without getting massages due to not being able to find a massage therapist that was not only a good massage therapist but, one that understood how to work with a body and how it responds to the right amount of touch. I believe that if all of the people that never received Massage got a Intelligent Massage they would be amazed at how stressed and how much tension they where holding inside them. At times there is necessary discomfort/ pain to heal in getting a Massage. It sounds like life doesn’t it?

The bodies response to massage is that persons willingness to start a healing process or not. It is truly amazing to see how environment, eating habits, attitude, emotional expression or lack thereof can either facilitate or inhibit their healing process. There are some people who want to stay in their pain, it serves some kind of purpose to them. Not everyone wants to move forward and we can find many ways to sabotage our path to healing to success and self peace. It can start out as low back pain, shoulder and neck tightness, or an injury that we may need to make us come to a screeching halt. I know this because I truly believe that’s what happened with me when I was hit and suffer major damage to a disk in my neck from a car accident.

Gifts come in many shapes and forms. It’s if you choose to look at them and how you look at them and even if you want to look at them. There are a lot of people that won’t agree with this. My intention is not to gain a popularity contest. It is to speak the truth as I see it, one body at a time. What I do for a living is a gift. My favorite people to work on our athletes.The problem is, most people that do repetitive sports, running, biking, college sports, swimming and all the rest of the sports not mentioned need to realize that massage and stretching are imperative to staying injury free and keeping them at peak performance. Do your body and mind a favor book an appointment today, be open minded and give it a try!

I have a couple people in stores and products I would like to highly recommend. I guess I’m fortunate that when I don’t know how to do something I have no problem asking for help. I watch people at the gym, some of my clients, friends and people just running by, not knowing what they’re doing. Please learn to ask when it comes to working out, running or any sport or practice. You can injure yourself and you don’t need to. Plus learning to do it the right way first saves a lot of time. When I recommend someone my credibility is on the line so, when I recommend someone you can bet that I’m pretty damn sure that they are excellent at what they do.

I would like to recommend an incredible fitness trainer, Clyde Mealy. Clyde is a personal trainer that I would recommend to any parent who wants their child to have the best training possible. I would say, he rates on a scale of 1 to 10 on every level is a 10. Please contact him at or phone him at 732-309-4667. I can promise that you will not be disappointed. I would also like to highly recommend, which I believe goes hand-in-hand with massage is chiropractic. Dr. Ari Cohn is by far one of the best chiropractors in Princeton. You can reach Ari at 609-683-3996. I did a lot of research on chiropractors, because I knew that I wanted to have my massage practice with a chiropractor and I’m happy it is Dr. Cohn. There is also another excellent body worker, who I admire and aspire today like Laurie Latner who specializes in Rolfing/structural integration. You can reach Laurie at 609-497-3232. Although I do not know any excellent craniosacral therapists. I find that if you have a family member that has had a stroke. This might be where you want to go. There is a web-site called there is a practitioner locator on that site. I recommend that they have several levels in several years under their belt. I study craniosacral one and I apply it in sessions. I would not consider myself a cranio-sacral specialist.

Here are a few stores in Princeton, that I would like to endorse as well. One is The Walking Company. Their phone number is 609-252-9255. The people that work there are wonderful. And I want to recommend one of the most genius pair of shoes I have ever worn. They amaze me every time I put them on. The shoes are called MBT’s. If you treat yourself to one thing this year buy yourself a pair of these shoes and you won’t be disappointed. I would like to say something to all the runners and joggers in Princeton the only place I know that is truly knowledgeable about what type of shoe you should be running in is The Princeton Running Company. They can be reached at 609-252-9110. The two of these stores are located on Nassau Street here in Princeton, New Jersey.

If you work out on a regular basis there are a few things I think you should own. One is a yoga mat, first to do yoga on and there are plenty of you classes here in Princeton too. This yoga mat can be used for stretching and to stabilize yourself on your physio- ball. You need to buy a physio- ball as well. The next item is a Foam Roller or The Stick. If you’re a runner, biker, candlestick maker you need to loosen that ilio tibial band (That’s that tight band that runs down the outer sides of both of your legs, that starts at your hip and runs down to your knee.) Also, your quadriceps, calves and hamstrings. The only other way to get relief from these tight areas is through massage. The stick by the way is a little bit more handier. It’s a flexible plastic tool that is used to strip the quadriceps, calves, hamstrings and shoulders. I sell these items in my practice, along with a wonderful foot roller, which is great to prevent plantar fasciitis. Please feel free to contact me and stop by to purchase them. or 609-683-1608. These items are relatively inexpensive and are extremely helpful in preventing injuries, and that’s what it’s all about, prevention.

This information is from  Most of us will have to go to the hospital someday.  Here are specific steps you can follow to protect yourself from deadly hospital infections:

1.  Ask that hospital staff, clean their hands before treating you.  This is the single most important way to protect yourself in the hospital.  If you’re worried about being too aggressive, just remember your life could be at stake. All caregivers should clean their hands before treating you. Do not hesitate to say the following to your doctor or caregiver: “excuse me, but there’s an alcohol dispenser right there.  Would you mind using that before you touch me, so I can see it?” Don’t be falsely assured by gloves. Gloves more often protect staff and patients. If caregivers have pulled on gloves without quitting their hands first, the gloves or are ready contaminated before they touch you.

2.  Before your doctor uses a stethoscope to listen to your chest, asked that the diaphragm(or flat surface of the stethoscope) be waived with alcohol. Numerous studies show that stethoscopes are often contaminated with Staphlococcus aureus and other dangerous bacteria, because caregivers seldom take the time to clean them between patients use.  The American Medical Association recommends that stethoscopes routinely be cleaned for each patient. The same precautions should be taken for many other commonly used pieces of equipment too.

3. Ask visitors to clean their hands and avoid sitting on your bed.

4. If you need surgery, choose a surgeon with a low infection rate.  Surgeons know their rate of infection for various procedures.  Ask for it. If they don’t tell you, consider choosing another surgeon.  He should be able to compare hospital infection report cards in every state.

5. Beginning three to five days before surgery, shower daily with 4%cholorhexidine soap.  Drug stores that don’t stock chlorhexidine soap are generally happy to order it for you. You don’t need a prescription.  Only the easiest brands to find is hibiclens. Using the soap will help remove any dangerous bacteria.  You may be caring on your own skin that could enter your surgical incision and cause an infection. Keep the soap away from your eyes and ears.

6. Ask your surgeon if he has been tested for Staphylococcus aureus a least one week before you come into the hospital.  This test is simple, usually just nasal swab. About one third of people carry Staphylococcus aureus on their skin, and if you are one of them, extra precautions can be taken to protect you from infection, to give you the correct antibiotic during surgery, and to prevent you from transmitting bacteria to others.

7. Stop smoking well in advance of your surgery.  Patients who smoke or three times as likely to develop the surgical site infection than nonsmokers, and have significantly slower recoveries and longer hospital stays.

8. On the first of your operation, remind your doctor that you may need an antibiotic one hour before the first incision.  For many types of surgery, a pre-surgical antibiotic is the standard of care, but it is often overlooked by busy hospital staff.

9. Ask your doctor about keeping you warm during surgery. Operating rooms are often kept cold for the comfort of the staff, a research shows that many types of surgery, patients who were kept warm resist infection better. There are many ways to keep a patient warm, including special blankets, hats and booties, and warmed IV liquids.

10. Do not shave the surgical site. Razors can create small nicks in the skin, through which bacteria can enter.  If hair must be removed before surgery, asked the Clippers be used instead of a razor.

11. As that your surgeon limit the number of personal (including medical students) in the operating room. Every increase in number of people as to your risk of infection.  

12. Ask your doctor about monitoring your glucose (sugar) levels continuously during and after surgery, especially if you’re having cardiac surgery.  The stress of the surgery often makes glucose levels spike erratically.  New research shows that when blood glucose levels are tightly controlled to stay between 80 — 110 mg/unit, her patients resist infection better.  Continue monitoring, even when you are discharged from hospital, because you are not fully healed yet.

13. Avoid a urinary tract catheter, if possible.  It is a common cause of infection.  The tube allows year-end to flow from the bladder out of your body. Sometime catheters are used when busy hospital staff don’t have the time to walk patients to the bathroom.  Ask for a day per or bed pan instead.  They’re safer.

14. You if you must have an IV, make sure that it is inserted and removed under clean conditions and changed every three to four days.  Intravenous catheters, or IV’s, or common source of infection and are not always necessary.  If you need one, insist that it is inserted and removed under clean conditions, which means that your skin is cleaned at the site of the insertion, and the person treating you is wearing clean gloves and is washed her hands.  Alert hospital staff immediately if redness appears.

15. If you’re planning on having a baby by Cesarean, follow the steps listed above as if you were having any other type of surgery. Most mothers today in our worried about hospital infections.  But if you’re having a cesarean, you are 10 times more at risk of infection, and if you’re giving birth vaginally.

Ideally, you should choose a hospital with a low infection rate.  Good luck at getting that information.  It’s impossible.  Many states collect data on infections that lead to serious injury or death, but nearly every site — with the exception of 6 — has given into the hospital’s industry demands to keep the information secret.  The Federal Centers For Disease control and Prevention also collect information that are from hospitals across the nation, but refused to make it public.  Government is too often on their backs, instead of on our side.

What’s the answer? Hospital infections, report cards.  Hospitals object that comparisons would be unfair because hospitals that treat sicker patients, such as AIDS, cancer, and transplant patients who have weakened immune systems, will have a higher infection rate.  True, but the data can be risk-adjusted to make comparisons fair.  What is unfair is preventing the public from knowing which hospitals have infection epidemics.  Keep the infection rate secret, may help hospitals save face, but won’t save lives. 

This is memory of my father, Lieutenant Commander Dale E. Newman who died June 6, 2002. My father went into the hospital for cancer. The cancer was removed but, my father died from a secondary infection which the well known cancer hospital in Pennsylvania would not tell us what it was?