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Suzanne Newman is also  Redcord Active Trained,  and there is a lot of talk going on about the Redcord suspension exercise system!  Are you curious about how Redcord can help  your body’s neuromuscular system? Please take a look at their new sight… I do not get “Wowed” often, now these folks help my neck pain after trying over 7 different Physical Therapists here in Princeton, NJ.  There are some days I walk out of Activecore pain free after a failed Anterior Cervical Fusion! I can’t expect to ever be completely pain free, now  I have a way of managing my pain so much than before. I see people walk out of there healed! That is a “WOW” factor. Take a look at their sight

What is Redcord?  Redcord is a suspension training system. What is included in this training system is cords, bungees and slings to support and challenge you as you move through a unbelievable amount of  series of exercises, which makes exercise more interesting and fun to learn. You could somewhat compare it to TRX training.  It  works with gravity and your body weight in a destabilizing way to give your body the maximum workout. A Redcord Trainer/Instructor can use Redcord to offload your body weight and give you more support so you can build a solid foundation for a safe workout and really target the areas you need to work on the most to build muscles to help to make your body a more stable and balanced one.

What will Redcord do for you? Do you have muscles you know are deconditioned or hard to make fire? Are there trouble spots you have to work through before you feel you can get into a groove with your workout? With Redcord, you can literally wake up dormant muscles and free up restrictions with just a few exercises. Redcord calls this process “Neuromuscular Repatterning”. We call it an easy way to get more out of your other fitness routines.

How can you integrate Redcord into your routine at your gym or at home? As you know, Pilates and GYROTONIC® are complex systems that take time to learn. We believe they are most effective when they are taught in their pure, unadulterated form. For this reason, Redcord is something to add on to your schedule, not something to mix into the flow of your existing Pilates or Gyrotonic session.  Once you are proficient, you can enjoy the benefits in your Pilates or Gyrotonic® lessons, keep diving deeper in private or group Redcord classes, or use the mini version of the equipment at home.

Where did Redcord Start? Redcord started in Norway and is used in both rehabilitation settings and as cross training for the Norwegian Olympic program. Many of our Physical Therapy partners use the clinical version of Redcord (Neurac) in their practices, and we are excited to be able to help a wide range of people – from PT graduates to elite athletes – advance their workouts with the system.

Please contact Suzanne Newman directly for additional information at 609-647-0049