Suzanne Newman’s  Massage Therapy Client Testimonials:


     I am so incredibly grateful to be able to continue to give my all in Massage Therapy to all my clients no matter what reason they come to see me for. It is always wonderful to work on the crew team here in Princeton, NJ as well as football players and tennis professionals, massage/bodywork is so truly beneficial to everyone. My wonderful client testimonals continue to make me so grateful and feeling a part of the community! It takes nothing but honesty to sell massage therapy to everyone on the planet! The reward to me is so unbelievably gratifying to help another person, it truly can not really be put into words. All I can say is please, please treat your body as a temple and get massage to prevent dis-ease in your body but first and foremost heal your thoughts and the body will follow! Book a massage today 609-647-0049 Suzanne Newman’s Gotcher’ Back always!


“After rowing on the U.S. National and Olympic teams for many years, my body was pretty beat up. Suzanne is great in getting to the root of the problem and making muscles work that haven’t worked right in years” Suzanne Newman is The Best I have Worked with and she has Gotcher’ Back for sure! She gives 110%”

Andrew Bolton – 2004 Rowing World Champion


“I am truly indebted to Suzanne Newman. Through body work, she has been able to rejuvenate my body from the wear and tear of football and get me back on the field performing at my peak. She has worked wonders for my chronic hamstring problems and I would fully recommend her for anyone seeking massage therapy…you will not be disappointed.”

Brendan Circle, Princeton Football Captain & Wide Receiver




“Suzanne is extremely strong and talented and most importantly, takes care of you as a whole person – body, mind & soul. She is knowledgeable in her field of Body Work, highly-credentialed and experienced, She is the BEST. We just love her!”

Shikha Uberoi Bajpai and Neha Uberoi Khangoora ~ Tennis Champs!




“Suzanne Newman’s exceptional strength and in-depth knowledge combined with her highly-developed intuitive sense provide outstanding massage therapy tailored exactly to your specialized needs. That is what we need as people and athletes “Suzanne’s Hands” are perfection, strength and intuition in motion. She is a powerful lady!”

Mike Teti, Coach of the U.S. 2004 Olympic Gold Medal Rowing Team



NFL Player, Nick Williams of the Washington Redskins wanted, “The Best Massage in Town” “He Got It”

All about Nick Williams our New Jersey, “Great Guy, in Football”

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Nick Willams review

Nick Williams, NFL Player of the Washington Redskins review of Suzanne Newman’s Massage

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