The answer is..”peace”.

The other day a friend and I were talking and we were discussing all the incredible issues I had been facing the week before. As I laughed and smiled and told my story about all the unbelievably stressful things that occurred by friend sat in amazement and just looked at me wide-eyed and opened mouthed. Finally he asked, “how do you stay so positive and calm in the face of all of that turmoil????” I was a little surprised by his question but didn’t need to think for more than a second. I know that I work hard to consciously stay in peace as often as I can.  So, my answer was simply, “Peace”.

I am hoping this bit of info will help you find that space and stay there too! You see, my personal view (and I don’t expect anyone to trust this blindly but I do hope you listen to it and take from it what resonates with you) is that we live in a world where all is an illusion. I am sure you heard this theory before. I believe that before we come to this world, we select our lessons and also set some markers for ourselves to help guide us along the way. It is easy to get lost on this journey when we forget to use the light within us all that is naturally present all of the time. Instead, we often walk in darkness and fumble around, trying to find our way. Often suffering needlessly. We hit rocks and trees and sometimes walls (all blocks) along our way. It is only when we choose to use our inner light that we can finally see the path that we set more clearly and walk along with a greater understanding of what we are walking in.

If you consciously stay in your light (stay in your truth) you will find that you sit in peace. You will find it much easier to see through the illusions of life and understand the meaning of your lessons, or at the very least, recognize your lessons. When you understand (or see the path clearly) it is so much easier to walk through without fear. Fear you see, is often the number one thing that holds us back from allowing our light to shine, from allowing us to see our path clearly.

When adversity hits, when you are faced with obstacles, when blocks stand in your way, step back and look at them from a distance. Recognize the lesson, understand the learning that needs to occur, move through without fear and you will find that your life becomes more pleasurable. Your anxiety will be lessened and you will not feel the stress you normally do. It is when we do not trust that we are on the “right” path that we stand in fear and miss that peace.

I am not saying this is an easy task. I am simply suggesting you try to remove the illusion glasses and see what truly and honestly exists. The next step is to deal with the issues by walking forward and taking action. Once you do this you will feel empowered. You will feel more courageous and you will find more positive things will come.

So next time you are faced with car problems, speeding ticket, an irritating boss, slow traffic, etc. then stop for a moment, recognize that you are in an illusion, see the truth of the situation and trust there is reason for all that is existing around you and happening to you. Walk through with light and in truth and all will unfold in a positive manner. As you do this you will feel the peace within begin to grow like a new bud in the spring. As you feed your inner peace you will find so much learning, you will find self-worth, you will find empowerment, you will find your light and you will shine brightly and radiate your peace.

It doesn’t stop there…when you radiate in your peace then you spread that to others. If you feel insignificant and powerless then imagine for a moment that just by standing in your truth, being at peace and radiating that peace, you could essentially positively affect every person that you come into contact with in any way during your day.

Next time you are faced with the question…choose PEACE!

Spread your light, spread your truth, spread the peace.


  What are we doing to play the role in putting a stop to funding chemical companies to kill us in our own home, yard and our animals. Do you use bleach, air fresheners, dryer sheets, toilet bowel shit, not picking up your own dogs shit, not recycling, putting gas in your car during the heat of the day….do you know the chemicals those dryer sheets put in the air and in your body…read up you won’t use them again. It’s cheaper to use baking soda, vinegar, and read the labels if you can’t pronounce it hello! Take the damned money back from the corporations, think for yourself and this planet. I hope the list below is helpful and you use it! We all need to do our part or stop complaining and pointing the finger.

She lives out side of Marshalls and Staples where Whole Foods is. I am sure many of you have viewed her sitting in her chair. Then I am sure many choose not to……She has lived out side for 20 years. She mildly Schizophrenic but very, very bright, loving and kind and I love her to death. We need money to keep her in a small hotel where we got her into Christmas Eve…Thank GOD!!!!!! She will not go to the Trenton shelters, believe me you would not either she is safer where she is!!!!!!

She will not except help that is the problem!!!! For some reason she trusts and loves me and also a wonderful family I met that was helping her when I met my little lady.

What she needs is money to pay for her to stay in the hotel for the winter. The only hotel she will stay n is a ratty, over priced hotel, close by where she lives outside the rest of the year  but, again it is the only place she will stay.  There is a lovely woman who had paid for her stays at his hotel for years and now she can’t anymore. I am doing the best I can selling things on e-bay and doing a fund raiser on facebook and will start one soon in my office.

This is not a scam by any means. You are welcome to meet with me I live in Princeton. I am on disability with a metal plate in my neck, so I am struggling but, if I have to I will use what little money have saved to pay for her hotel stay for this winter! I WILL NOT SEE HER SIT OUTSIDE AND DIE. The system sucks and I can not change it but I can do this and I am.

Trust me everything has been attempted to get her further help! That is if she would allow it, she could get it but, she will not take medication. She hears voices and you can not talk sence to you own families people most of the time. If have to trust me here. I am just trying to help get through this winter and she will be sitting outside of Marshalls again as soon as it is warm enough for her under her conditions not mine. Please also do not flood her there either. I do not want her thrown out of there. By the blody grace of God the owner of that coplex allows her there with all her bags.

Please send money on my facebook fund rasier, just type in Suzanne Newman princeton NJ so I  can friend you, if you are signed up on facebook and donate though paypal on the fund rasier I have set up for her or just send a check to my office: Suzanne Newman 601 Ewning Street, Suite B Princeton, NJ 08540

Thank you, Suzanne Newman

My Little Lady one afternoon when it was close to 100 degree’s outside she came for diner!

We will need to get a Massage Therapy on a regular basis. I cannot stress this enough. The pace we maintain reflects in the condition of our bodies. Whether you can wrap your mind around this or not,  we are not separate from our surroundings, we are part of all of it. Every thought that we think sends out of vibration, every action has an equal reaction. I think that once we realize and learn to look within stress can be minimized. This takes time and Massage Therapy helps you to do this.

I bring these things up because Massage Therapy for one hour out of your day, makes you lay down quietly and as the massage therapist touches each part of your body you become aware of what is going on with that body part. I cannot stress how many people are shocked at the tension  they hold in their glutes, (butt) once they become aware of this it becomes part of the conscious mind and you soon realize that sitting in a static chair that does not move with your pelvis, (part of the gluteal area) causes a great deal of tension, which turns in to tightness in the lower back area. If this area is not worked on the problem increases, then the good ole doctor gives you pills to pop or sends you to PT. This is not the answer!

We all seem to think that Massage Therapy is a frill, it is far from that. It helps you to stay healthy because, it increases circulation, relaxes the tension in your body to allow blood flow, lymph flow and your body to function at a healthy level without chronic pain. I hear people say they cannot afford Massage. I say you cannot afford not to have Massage. I make sure personally to get Massage Therapy twice a month. I cut back in other areas of my life because, my health is first on my list of priorities. What I see time and time again are people who wait until they’re in chronic pain to come to see me. That means they have to come far more often to get their bodies relaxed, pain free, injury free and back to healthy. The solution is very simple, getting a Massage at least once a month. This will prevent you from getting to this chronic stage.

I’m also amazed when people go to their doctor, the first thing the doctor does is send them to a physical therapist. They slap on your back electric stimulation, moist hot pads and have you lifting weights. Then what happens people come to me because the physical therapy did nothing. Physical Therapy does not release tight muscles, what usually happens is, you tighten up even more by lifting weights. I have had a few doctors that I know personally, who know that massage therapy, heals and relieves trigger points that are not even touched by PT’s.

I think the problem is Physical Therapists are they are threatened by Massage Therapists for what reason I do not know. We should all be working together to help people to heal. It is not a competition of egos, it is about educating people how to take care of their bodies. This is through eating properly, drinking plenty of water, exercise/yoga, meditation, walking, deep breathing, (I would like to mention, the, this is where you learn to meditate and breathe stress away and I hold this in highest regard and rate on a scale of 1 to 10 definitely a 10. It is somewhat a miracle) There are Art of Living courses all over the Princeton area and surrounding areas.

I stress again if you were going to cut something out of your life it should not be massage therapy. Book an appointment today at 609-683-1608 or e-mail me at remember without your health you have nothing. Also remember you get what you pay for! The average Massage Therapy Session is 85.00. You can get one for less and you get less, it is all up to you. It is you body and your health, please care about it!

I am a firm believer that yes we are all going to at some point expire. My hopes are that much more aware human beings will evolve. I can not disagree that we may all have weak genetic links. The idea is to become aware of what they are. That means paying attention to our bodies. Yes, also look at our family of origins health issues.

I truly believe eating relatively organic and to the smarty pants out there that means not Skippy peanut butter get to a health food store and get it without sugar. Read the labels of what you eat. I know I like sugar at times but, I don’t want it in my apple pie. Learn to cook and cook a head of time and freeze servings in containers.

Exercise,  we can all come up with an excuse. It is a must! Women need weight bearing exercises that helps with bone loss and guess what we will need strength in our arms when we get old, to push ourselves up from a chair. Stretch! The computer is great for this Google stretching and presto, wonderful simple stretches you can even do in a chair.

Walk, run, practice yoga, dance, jump rope, lift weights, do squats while standing at your desk. Get up from that computer and stretch. Breathe, Breathe, Breathe the most important of them all.  Express your feelings! Learn how to communicate clearly. Get professional counseling when you are stuck emotionally or need to work thought family issues.

I am not writing what I am writing to offend, blame or gain a popularity contest. I am speaking from what I have seen with clients and through my own personal experiences. This is to show you how the power of words can affect you in a negative matter. I have experienced a lot of clients with Fibromyalgia the main symptom of Fibromyalgia is pain all over the body for more than 3 months. It is common for people to experience achy muscles that feel tender to the touch and morning stiffness. The pain of Fibromyalgia is a “deep” muscle pain and may be felt as: aching, shooting and burning.

The pain may not always be the same. For some people with Fibromyalgia, the pain and stiffness are worst when they wake up, improve during the day, and increase again at night. But others have all-day, non-stop pain. For many, the pain gets worse with physical activity, stress, or anxiety. Fibromyalgia patients may be more sensitive to the light and the temperature as well.

Along with overall pain, people with Fibromyalgia have many specific parts of the body that are tender to the touch, also known as tender points. These include: the front and back of the neck, mid to the upper back of the shoulders, elbows, upper portion of the buttocks, hips and knees.

This is where my theory comes in. I believe no one should own a name a doctor came up with. Your body hurts! Period. You don’t have to own this for life. It hurts you today. The body is all connected, and part of your body is called connective tissue. You have muscles that are attached to bone, tendons and ligaments and they have a memory. That memory is attached to pain in this case of this thing some doctor named Fibromyalgia. I hope your following me here. My belief is that this all started with some sort of trauma.

When our emotions are not expressed where do the emotions go? Into the body and more of the same things continue to happen, usually unhealthy things. Why? because we continue to push that “thing” away by not dealing with it. We split off from it but, our wonderful bodies keep trying to tell us, pay attention to me I hurt. Oh, you won’t listen I’ll hurt louder.

How do I know this because I hurt all over at one point too. I drank the pain away. Presto, I got sober and the pain got really, really bad. I needed to get that pain out and I listened to my body for the first time at age 26 after drinking and doing drugs since I was 12 years old. I went to Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings and dumped all that toxic childhood pain and sought out professional counseling.

To be honest  Alcoholic’s Anonymous was like being in hell for me most of the time but, I just kept going. I didn’t do a lot of what they told me and frankly I am glad I didn’t. I found a good therapist. I did not befriend too many people there. I went talked, cried, screamed and went 3 times a day some days. Most important I listened and I took what I liked and left the rest. What was interesting is as I talked and cried I could literally feel the pain lift from my body. A.A. meetings saved my life I truly believe!

There are people I have shared my belief with about this pain body that occurs with trauma of any kind and they think I am crazy. No, I just believe that you can truly let it go with doing some soul searching. It is never just cut and dry. All the things listed above we play a part in this natural cure process. It’s not always popping pills and some times pills are needed but, maybe some really good fish oils, vitamin D, a good liquid vitamin, liquid B complex, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and a really good  nutritionist for eating.

There will be plenty of painful emotions in our life times and if you feel the pain, cry, scream get it out I truly believe we can all live healthier lives by communicating and emoting not masking the problem with pharmaceutical drugs and crippling diseases. The body is in dis- ease so let’s help ourselves heal with words, action, whole foods and movement forward in a positive direction.

I am sure I will get some crazed responses but, before you say or think them sit with what you just ingested and know that all the above can not happen over night it didn’t for me. Try just giving it a chance. There are also really good nutritionists out there that can be really helpful or do your own research first like I do.

This has to be about one of the most beautiful and meaningful book that I have ever read. The author of the book is Kirsten Kubnert. It is her story about her journey with her son Timmy. The book is called Every Day A Little Miracle – The Gift of The Dolphins. This story not only made me realize how we all take everyday for granted, not fully realizing  how lucky we all really are.

This is the story of a mother who is gifted with two little babies who were born absolutely perfect. Then one tragic day Kirsten’s son Timmy fell onto a shallow filled pool of water that should have been filled in and just lay there in ruin. Timmy’s lifeless body was brought back to life.  The night mare was his mother Kirsten was told he would have to be fed through a feeding tube, that he had brain damage and he would pretty much be a lifeless body. The story is about Timmy and her journey to hell and back. The book talks about Kirsten’s loss of her marriage, friends the doctors that told her Timmy was hopeless, the doctor that believed he would get better and the people who stood by her side through their journey.

Kirsten’s strong will and love for her child Timmy proves that love and the power behind that love, the feeding tube was removed and he slowly was able to eat, he did understand what his mother was saying to him and with the help of the dolphins he came out of the world where his mother could not reach him. The most tremendous help which proved to be a miracle for Timmy and many other children came from, The Dolphin Human Therapy Program founded by Dr. David E. Nathanson, the man who conceived of and brought to life The Dolphin human therapy program. I truly suggest you check out each of these web sites- and these programs have become a miracle for many families with children with autism, brain damage, and other debilitating illnesses. This is a story of the courage of many parents and the healing ability and love for humans by the Dolphins.

The book was very profound to me in many ways but, there was one special excerpt that touched my heart so very, very deeply, that I wanted to share it. I am not saying that you by any means should believe as I do but, once again I found a book that I was supposed to read and possibly what I’m about to share with you will open your mind to different way of looking at things.

This is in her book and written by her, some of this may be a little confusing because these are personal friends and meanings but, I am sure you will understand on some level, I hope so. I read this to my good friend in Georgia and cried so hard that it was hard for me to read it out loud to him and he asked me if I would write it for him so I did and here it is.

This is Kirsten’s letter to a friend in her book:

God hovered above the earth and chose with great care and thought he’s instruments for the protection of the species.

He observed everything carefully and dictated to his angels from internal propagation book.

‘Betty Miller, daughter, guardian angel Matthew; Ivy Smith, son, guardian angel Gabriel; Carol King, son, guardian angel? Give her Jonathan, he’s used to swearing.

At the end he dictated to an angel a name to write down, and say with a smile, ‘I’ll give her a handicapped child’.

The angel is astonished. Why have you chosen her God? She’s so happy.’

‘That’s exactly why’, God says, and continued to smile. ‘ How can I give a sick child to mother who can’t laugh? That would be cruel.’

‘She doesn’t have much patience either’, the angel said.

’ I don’t want her to have patience. Otherwise she will drown in a sea of sadness and self-pity. When the first pain and shock of past, she will pick herself up and get on with things flawlessly. I watched her today. She has the right feeling of independence and self-confidence. And that, alas, is very rare in mothers, but absolutely necessary. Listen to me-  the child that I will give her will live in another, in its own world. She must encourage it, and bring it so far that it lives in her world. That won’t be easy.’

‘ But Lord, said the angel,’ as far as I can see she doesn’t even believe in you’.

And God grinned to himself.

‘That doesn’t matter. I’ll take care of that. Yes, yes, I think that she will be very capable she is egoist enough.’

The angel gasped for breath:- ‘egoist? Is that really something good?

God answered with a yes. ’ When she doesn’t sometimes distance herself from the child, she will not survive the burden, and it will be hard for her anyway, to cope with everything. It’s exactly this woman to whom I will give a child that is not perfect. She doesn’t know it, but she is really something to be jealous of.  She will never take a spoken word for granted, not a single step as something every day in normal.  When her child says Mama,  for the first time, it will be clear to her that this is a miracle that she is experiencing. When she describes her blind child a tree early sunset, she will see these things as only a few see my creations. I will make it possible for her to recognize everything which I recognize. Cruelty, prejudiced, ignorance. I will allow her to rise above these things.  She will never be alone, every day of her life every minute, because she does my work as surely as if she were sitting next to me.

I personally want to thank Kirsten Kubert, although our paths were very different and I don’t have a child and at times that pains me. I had a very high mountain to climb too. I will never know the bond of a mother and her child but, being an Empath I do believe I have an idea. I hope for all that suffer that you know you have the strength Kirsten has and you will get through the hardest of times. I would also like to say one of the most wonderful gifts God has given us are the animals on this earth, especially our pets how God like they are and the Dolphins well… they, I believe are the closest of all to God. Dolphins will always bring joy to me even thinking about them. The healing power of the Dolphin and their care for us, is still beyond my comprehension

I wanted to write this to all the parents who have special needs children and parents who have lost a child. My heart is filled with compassion for you and I hope that you may believe as I do, that God is always with you always giving you the strength you need and holding you in his arms when you feel you can’t go on. This is for you most of all Lynn, you too I will always love and you will always be in my heart as well as your family, I love you!

I’m still baffled when I look around me. I am by no means even close to perfect. I do a thoroughly believe in applying preventative care to my life. I am hoping that this reaches some people that can apply this formula that I have for self-care. We can no longer afford to do what our parents did. What this looks like for me as far as my parents where concerned was that she got sick and you went to a doctor and took a pill. I am sure that we absolutely cannot afford to live in that type of denial any longer. Doctors are not God. Pharmaceutical companies could give a damn about any of us, we are their guinea pigs. We all need to wake up and to do it now.

As most of us know most of the things that benefit our health are not covered by insurance. That upsets me as I am sure it upsets you. Living in the solution is the answer. The solution to me is self-care which includes massage therapy, chiropractic, exercise/yoga, meditation, walking and turning off the large screen TV and reading spiritual books that help us to grow and learn.

The other major and most important part of our lifestyle is what we eat. Whole grains, like oatmeal, oat bran and other fibers are key to good health. Fruits and vegetables are another key ingredients to good health. I found a product called Mona-Vie which I am a distributor of that provides a daily supply of high antioxidants super fruits, I also enjoy eating real food as well. When it comes to protein I can no longer eat animal products. My hopes to all Americans are to take a look at what it’s done to the animals that you eat and put on your plate for your family. I will say again I would not be able to sleep at night with a clear conscious with what I know about the brutal inhumane way our farm animals are treated plus was injected into them goes into you. There are plenty alternatives that probably cost less. Nuts are high source of protein, seeds and tofu. I am sure I have left out some other sources of protein. I still do eat fish but there are only a few fish that are low in mercury, some of these are Pacific by Atlantic herring, mackerel, wild Alaskan salmon, sardines, scallops and shrimp I always make sure that none of these are farm raised and all our wild Alaskan Canadian or Pacific as we know our oceans are being destroyed to. These are educated suggestions. It is also a very good idea to steam your vegetables. As I understand it, unless you’re a cow with two stomachs chewing raw vegetables is extremely hard on the digestive system. It’s up to you to do the research on what I say if question it.

I also strongly suggest that people acquire what is called a foam roller. It is very easy to Google the word foam roller to see what it does for you. I also suggest a foot wheel, for roller to take the tension out of your feet. There is also a wonderful local group here in Princeton New Jersey called the Art of living. The Art of living teaches us how to breathe and meditate. Most people’s problems are that they don’t breathe when they’re under stress which causes tension in the body which left untreated causes disease. I highly recommend cardiovascular exercise but I also believe we all need to learn how to breathe properly, most of us don’t all.

Stress is inevitable, I have offered solutions to stress above, yes they do cost money but you have to weigh out what is important to you. It frightens me to death to even think about being in the hospital. I get a massage every two weeks and I get chiropractic adjustments once a week and follow the above protocol. It works for me but also as important is to take a look at the people you surround yourself with, do they create drama or do they bring peace, joy, laughter and support to your life. If they don’t live in the solution and make the changes you need to. To wallow in pain and suffering does us no good. This is important to grieve when necessary, crying brings healing and looking at our pasts to make changes in ourselves is a good thing but living in the past would just bring pain. Your thoughts create your reality and I truly believe we are also blessed and most of us can’t even see it because we take things for granted. It’s time to look beyond yourself, to see what she can give back and together we can change this world for the better one step at a time.

Spring is almost here and it’s the year 2010 and I myself am looking forward to great changes and healing of what is now needed on this planet. It always seems to get to almost to breaking point before change comes about. I do believe we are at the breaking point. I see a lot in pressure on people at their workplaces, over sized or poor living conditions, traveling for work and money stress and of course it’s easy for me to see it in people’s bodies and energy as a body worker and healer. I do believe that people will start relying less on doctors and pharmaceuticals and looking more inside and paying attention to their bodies. I think that more and more people will start getting massages, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, therapy and using other healing modalities. I believe people will be practicing yoga, meditating and exercising more.

I think the biggest change that still needs to come about and will come about is our awareness of how farm animals such as all meats and poultry are treated and slaughtered and how that affects all of us. We still need to become more consciously aware that we are what we eat, the proportional sizes of food intake and why we are eating?  There needs to be much more awareness on what is going on especially with poultry and beef and all animals on this planet.

I have come to admire and respect the Jewish community and have learned what the meaning of kosher really is. I’ve always believed that there was a proper way, if one chose to kill an animal. I would think as intelligent human beings that we would know that to cut the juggler vein on an animal is the most humane way of killing an animal. That is what is meant by kosher; a Rabbi watches and make sure that the animal is killed in the most gentle way possible. I think to myself, why of course would either way would you do it? That is what I came to find out and was mortified to the point of never eating the flesh of an animal again. I will speak for America because that’s the country I live in. We are barbaric in our treatment of livestock as well as pets! Then we are shocked when swine flu, bird flu and mad cow disease is found here and there. Did you think that the animals chose to give that to us???? Of course the answer is no, it is greedy, self-centered, barbaric, human beings. How you bring about change? You stop supporting that which is inhumane and barbaric. If you have no care for animals which is most certainly a large population out there of sick people then just look at the fact that meat is just plain bad for your health at least under the conditions we are in now and the over sized pieces of flesh people eat. I have more and more respect for Hannibal Lector these days than with the people I am hearing about and coming across. SMILE!

I am frightened for those that eat chicken, hamburger and any other meat as well as milk. My concerns are more for the animals I must say, always can count on me for the truth! I don’t know what your concerns are but, to give you the benefit of the doubt I would hope you care some what about the treatment of a life. What I think is there is so much disassociation with people from looking at that plastic wrapped, slab of meat at the not-food market to the fact that this was a once in animal and how brutally it was treated its whole life. The facts are there if you want to know them. The amount of hormones and other chemicals you are ingesting would blow your mind. The sick animals that you’re serving your children for dinner… you don’t even want to know. The glass of milk you pour to have your children drink again the amount of hormones and chemicals in that milk are more toxic than nutritional.

I believe we all want to know the truth and that we want animals to be treated humanely as we would want to be treated ourselves. They are not something we own. We are their guardians. They are not a piece of property. They were put here on earth the same as we were, we just decided how they be treated and it like shit and I am tired of it, sick and tired, What goes around comes around though and the simple truth is an animal that is killed with unnecessary stress sends toxins into their bodies, you in turn eat it. This is a subterfuge! A pandemic kept under tight guard for the people who chose to be blind.  If it is not corrected soon we will see much more disease spread from animals to people, much more plagues, more unnecessary deaths and it is all due to uncaring greedy people. Wake up America! A lot of my blogs are graphic and videos are hard to watch but again you can choose to say I don’t want to see it and do nothing about it but, just remember the definition of insanity is, repeating the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Everyone on this planet needs to eat less meat and poultry and this will force change to come about. That is if you care?

I believe great things are possible if we take responsibility into our hands and make the choice to make a difference, watch it will affect everything, our thoughts, our energy, our health and well-being of our planet.

I started drinking whole milk for the first time since I was a teenager a few months ago. I found a dairy farm in Newtown, Pennsylvania where they sell wall milk. It was exciting to drink something that was almost a meal and also to know that animal was treated like a pet. The sweet cow wasn’t overused, over bread and allowed to see the outdoors; be an animal not a machine, what a concept and in return we are given a gift of raw milk. It actually helps with asthma, autism and some people that are lactose intolerant actually can drink raw milk because the enzyme is not pasteurized out of  the milk, my heaven’s it is healthy!

It’s amazing the things that can happen when we don’t take advantage and become greedy. Can you take a look at your life and say I made the difference? If the answer is no, today’s a new day and you can start making a difference, in how you take care of yourself and others, including animals, in really and truly caring about everything that you do and also putting your foot down and speaking up for the truth and then do something about it.

Hummmmmm….. know what could massage therapy and whole health have to do with animals? It seems that some people looking at my website and clicking on my blog where a tad bit upset! How dare me to be a massage therapist and discuss animals? Why that’s just absurd! I will explain to you what animals and whole health and massage have to do with each other.

The most important truth in my life is about getting information out to the public on our world and what affects us as far as mind, body and spirit. My massage will always make you better, always! If I can not say that after 16 years of  doing healing work I better just hang it up! The question is what are we doing to make the world around us more healthy and creating change for the better in some way? I am sick of  hearing people complain and point fingers. I am sick and tired of hearing people saying, I can’t watch that it’s too upsetting! Well, my friends that’s called denial, we have a major pandemic on our hands, It is not only about our health, another words it’s not about your small world it is about the world as a whole and how what is going on effects us all!. The bird flu, the swine flu and mad cow disease do you people think that this is some disease the animal decided to cast upon us?

This is about what we need to know about how our animals/wildlife are treated because baby, you are what you eat! If you have no concern and want to stay in denial about the poisons that are being put in your body by what you consume because, you choose not to watch or listen to information that might be a little bit unsettling to you, that’s too damn bad!

The dairy farms and where chickens are raised, let us focus on these two meets that we ingest. It would be wise for you to find out what goes on behind closed doors and start giving a damn, because change needs to happen for the animals first and for most, their inhumane conditions are sickening and you people, well you eat it and if that can be your only reason to care so be it!

I am about helping people to heal and I do so everyday and I do not have a problem saying I am a hard act to follow! I help to bring light where there is darkness and help to make changes to my clients to inform them on how they can stay healthy, behave in a manner that is humane, decent, loving and caring because that is what brings about the balance in our health, body, mind and spirit. If we choose to say that animals are separate from us, that they are property and that they have no rights you need to take a look at how you view things and maybe take a look in the mirror.

If you can or choose to make a decision that by looking at my blog and thinking that information doesn’t belong there that’s your business. My blog has anything to do with my knowledge of the mind, body and spirit. It has nothing to do with the fact that I am a great massage therapist either. I don’t know how many of my clients have said to me you are a tough act to follow. How do you find a massage therapist that is as good as you? Well the answer to that is, I haven’t yet! I have yet to meet anyone that listens, asks the right questions and truly cares yet alone knows what they are doing with someone’s body. I didn’t ask you in the first place to judge me on my blog. My website gives you enough information to let you know that I certainly know what I’m doing.

So once again, it’s your loss if you base my Massage knowledge on the intelligence of my blog. Nothing is separate, that’s the problem with all of us, it’s shown in Chinese medicine which is 3,000 years old, we are not separate from this planet, the animals, plants, environment or of people on it. I’m not concerned about who does not come to my practice quite honestly if my blog bothers you that much you might want to ask yourself why. It has nothing to do with me. I don’t want you as a client if really important information like this, so called turns you off, go else where.

Have a peaceful and mindful spring. I know that a lot of changes for the good are happening right now. It’s nice to know that you’re a part of bringing about these changes I know I am!  Book a Massage today and feel the difference of a great massage. It is also good to know that part of your money goes to help those that are less fortunate. One thing good to take note of  is some thing that was written by Albert Einstein, “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”