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We all need massage and chiropractors.                                                                     

  We all need massage and chiropractors. It is very important to find both that are highly qualified, that spend time with you, have plenty of experience and are honest! Massage and Chiropractic are perfect together! Why, you may ask? Your spine is connected to the muscles in your body, when your muscles are tight they pull your spine/vertebrae out of alignment! I always suggest to get a massage before your adjustment because your chiropractic adjustment will stay in place if your muscles are relaxed. We don’t want  the vertebrae in subluxation because nerves then get impinged. I also recommend a massage therapist with strong hands, deep work is often needed and also a blend of different techniques can help the body work with you and you with the body. It should be very Symbiotic. I have 24 years in the bodywork/therapeutic massage business and specialize in necks, shoulders and backs.

  My massage is an eclectic blend of different modalities that are specialized for you. There are no people with the exact same issues so, no massage should be the same. There are plenty of truly talented holistic healthcare providers and we as those healthcare providers need to set high standards for our clients and if we can not help them get them to someone that can! We all need to remember this universe is plentiful and we need to be humble and know when to refer people. Lead by example by truly caring about your client. That’s when we empower ourselves and empower our clients and we all begin to heal! I am here with plenty of knowledge and the ability to help you in this era of sitting 10-12 hours a day in offices, with no fresh air which reeks havoc on the body! The compression that happens from sitting long periods of time is going to create major problems if you do not take action. 

  What you can do on your part is try to get a standing desk if you can. If you can not try to get a really good chair or a physio ball to sit on. If you must sit for extended times get up and take a walk when you can. Your part of your health comes from the getting massages,  a proper diet, exercise, stretching, yoga, meditation, walking, getting outside and grounding with bare feet and breathing in fresh air, biking be sure to always mix your routine up. Fresh green vegetables anything that grows in the ground. I am not against humanely raised animals as food as long as they are from local farms. We can get a lot of our protein sources from other means. Meat and poultry in my opinion should be minimal if at all. No tap water, it’s just not safe, trust me on that one please! Please is a really good water filtration system or spring water in glass and always be mindful of your thinking and actions. These are what I try to practice the best I can and that is all we all can do and not beat ourselves up when we have an off day! Be good to that inner little boy or girl. Massage Therapy is vital in these times and so is a good massage therapist! It’s not just a massage you will get you will also with plenty of information on how to heal yourself in between massages! If you honestly want to get better call and book an appointment today. 609.647.0049


  I also need to add that massage and chiropractic go perfect together for yet another reason. If the muscles are tight, they inturn pull on the the vertebrae which cause subluxations/ displacement of the vertebrae. This is not wanted because it can cause nerves to not fire properly that go to specific organs. This causes big problems down the line. A good analogy would be the starting of a cavity in a tooth. You can’t feel it unless the dentist points it out to you right? Well if you do not go to the dentist that tooth end up being a root canal. If you would have caught it before it would have only been a filling. The back/spine/vertebrae have a heck of alot more stress than our mouth. Then I hear yes, but they want you to keep going back! Well guess what until stress stops, this is the new generation called PREVENTION! 609.647.0049


  http://www.chirodirectory.com/chiropractors/NJ/Ewing/Dr-Warner-Hoff-022388  Dr. Hoff is my  hero he adjusts pets. I say that with the greatest of praise. Dogs, cats, horses and please believe I have saw miracles happen right in front of my eyes! Please your animals with hip issues he is you man!