Your Therapeutic Massage and BioMat Session With Suzanne Newman:

My therapeutic massage therapy techniques have been developed over studying bodywork for 24 years. Your full body massage therapy session is an eclectic blend of many different modalities in order to address your individual needs.

 I use an Far Infrared Ray and Negative Ions, Amethyst BioMat . The BioMat is great for detoxing, circulation creating wellness, healing and so much more. This mat is by far one of the best healing devices on the market! Very helpful for Lyme’s disease! Appointments can be set up for a 1/2 our session for 40.00 and one hour session for 80.00

There is always great information to take with you when you leave on how to stay healthy. Information on stretching, remedies, diet exercise, and what you can do to help yourself in between sessions.

In addition, stretching techniques are also used for muscle release and are also very effective in pain. I also use Cupping Therapy. Cupping Therapy has been found to reach up to four inches into the tissues of the body to release toxins, help activate the lymphatic flow, help to clear the veins and arteries, increase blood circulation to help the joints secrete more synovial fluid to stop spasms. Cupping is The Best Deep Tissue Massage available and is great for sports injuries and when an injury needs improved circulation to increase blood. flow. I have found that with most most tight area’s on the whole back when extremely tight, profound results in easing pain for 90% of my clients! I use cupping therapy in combination with your massage session when needed with incredible results. The only side effect is slight marking that goes away with the Arnica, “TheRub” that I have listed above highlighted this link and below, at the bottom of this page. Th slight marking also goes away in no more than 5 days, it is like a mild bruise.

Finally Suzanne ends your session with a Craniosacral Still point, which is done as a balancing technique for the Craniosacral System. It improves fluid exchange between the various physiological compartments of the body, as well as improving blood flow by reducing sympathetic nervous tone. This is learned through the study of Craniosacral Therapy.

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Trigger Point Back

Trigger Point Front