What Makes Suzanne Newman the best Massage Therapist in Princeton NJ?

  I have worked on at least one thousand bodies in my 24 years of bodywork. I continues mastering  body work enthusiastically with heart and conviction. It is so important to realize that there is no quick fix for body pain, except prevention. I can not stress the importance of drinking healthy water.  The other key is mindfulness and looking at your own personal issues and working though them. I highly suggest checking out Teal Swan on YouTube, she is truly inspirational to me in self growth also having a therapist, Village Counseling Services, P.C. in Lawrenceville, NJ are excellent, they are the first therapists on solution based therapy I have gone to after at least 50 others! Please also take a look at Dr. Eric Berg on nutrition on YouTube also! Organically grown food is so very important, exercise, stretching, meditation, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, yoga, walking and getting a massage on a regular basis. That sums it up. Wouldn’t it be great if it was as easy as it is to write? Well we all just have to DO IT!

I think sensitivity and intuitiveness is so very important in this field of work. I am always told by my clients that I go directly to the pain and intuitively know my client’s problem areas. The psychological connection with the mind and body can be uncanny and this causes a lot of our imbalances. There is also of course the outside influences, accidents occur and also repetitive injuries with work and sports. One of the most important things to know is that if we do something over and over that part of the body is going to need special attention to not become a chronic issue area of the body. This is where massage therapy and I come into play. I am here to be a conduit to help you heal and to learn how to take care of  the issue at hand. The key is always prevention! I think we all know it it is just doing it, so do it!

I was blessed with strong hands and a lot of inner and outer strength.  I have to say my massages can be painful at times but, if you have trigger points and you want relief we have to dig in and release that stuck energy that turns into a knot. There is something to hat no pain no gain saying. If you want fluff massage I can do that, some people need that.  If you want to resolve an issue I am there for you to do so. I have a lot of very happy clients. It is great to get a phone call from clients who say that their issue is resolved. I do not want to be a band aid for anyone I want you to get better. I believe that is what sets me out from the rest. I need to make a living but, if I can not get you better I will get you to someone who can!