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catrunI am Suzanne Newman, a licensed massage therapist in the state of new Jersey for 25 years. Blessed am I to be able to help people with massage, words and healing. Touch is so important for everyone. Touch nurtures, heals, supports, grounds and comforts us! I am an empath, an intuitive and a highly sensitive person.  Twenty Five years ago I became a massage therapist, another form of art. This art connects me with my intuition, mindfulness, intelligence and lots of massage/ healing  education classes. Having common sense is a gift, connection to my higher self, heart energy, my soul and that all flows through my hands and connects with you!

I grew up being an artist with a bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art in NYC, The School of Visual Arts.  Professional house painting was a big part of my life. I love furniture restoration and woodwork.My passion is painting using mixed media, oil and acrylic and everything including the kitchen sink! I adore photography, writing, cooking and all that is creative.

I have a great love for everything that was given to us on this planet. My mission is to show the importance of natural and chemical free everything! Going back to the beginning when everything was simple and natural by looking deeply into nature and really seeing and listening. ( SUNI-AI ) Natural lightening, getting rid of chairs and getting standing desks, using full spectrum lighting, getting rid of florescent lights, getting screen protection for your computers to protect yourselves from blue light, getting out in the sun every day, taking off those sun glasses and getting that healthy sunlight in your eyes. stop killing your children with cell phones glued to them by learning it from you. Tell the schools that the tablets need blue light protection for the children. For christ sakes turn of the televisions and get to know you neighbors and get  outside in nature.

We are getting a giant wake up call friends!  Please people be humane, mindful and loving to our animals here on this planet. I have learned so much since my apartment complex burnt down the winter to 2017 it changed me forever. The expansion I have experienced and shared with my best friend is something I will never forget and be forever grateful for! I love you the Wizard said to the Griffin, for ever!

I, Suzanne Newman am highly skilled in:

I offer specialized massage therapy, sports massage, injury work and lymphatic drainage with the lymphstar pro  I have 24 years of expertise in my field of massage therapy and body work. My current clients are Princeton and Mercer County residents, Princeton Tennis Professionals, The Princeton University Football Team Players and Olympic Athletes. I have most graciously thank my clients for being rated as excellent. I love what I do more than I could ever put into words. I truly care! I want my clients to be as healthy and as happy as I have become! It took many years of hard work and climbing many painfully challanging mountains from a bottom that never thought I could bare. I would not want to change the past nor would I want to be anyone else besides myself. The most important of all is always be authentic and coming straight from my heart!




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My good friend and I stumbled on something that is truly amazing! The brand we are using and I am selling is Vital Reaction, Hydrogen Effeervescent Magnesium, High Tech Health International. Why are we taking it because it makes tons of sense and please don’t just take the advise from us do your own research. I will list plenty of information on YouTube and please go to my latest Blog Post for some more links. This product I believe will be an amazing cure for many things and I myself truly believe this.

We both started taking this Hydrogen on June 2, 2018 we are both taking it on a daily basis, 4 times a day on an empty stomach. The pill acts like Alka-Seltzer once put into an 4oz glass of water and is tasteless. My girl friend tested it after taking the Hydrogen for 5 days to test her reaction to gluten which she is highly allergic to, after she ingested the gluten she did not have the reaction she had before taking the hydrogen! I can not believe my energy increase and my deep sleep in the evenings. We have also noticed higher energy and more endurance in our work outs! This has blew my mind, she of course will continue to not eat gluten, but what a big wow! Please give this a try, what do you have to lose and there is so much to gain. Both of us are seeing results in less than a month, that is enough evidence for me!

 The therapeutic value of this Hydrogen is mind blowing! I have decided to be a distributor because I believe in the value of this product and the health and wellbeing of my clients. I am excited for another friend who has severe Lyme’s Disease and Chronic Fatigue, she is on her first bottle and I am excited to see the results! I will add links for you to be able to read and the research that has gone into Hydrogen. What I am seeing in less than a month is knocking me off my feet so much so that I want to get this information to my clients ASAP. Please check my most resent Blog!





This by far is the best water I have found I order it and they are wonderful to work with please when you contact them mention my name (Suzanne Newman) Your first order you get some free bottles. You’ll never drink any other water, everyone should look at their bodies as a temple.



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There is also a big issue with animal abuse. We need to treat them with love and respect and look at how they are cared for. I am talking about farm animals and stopping circuses, the abuse there is sickening. We all need to know the truth no matter how painful the reality is and we need to take action now!  Abuse in any form is not okay, so step up to the plate and speak up, when a child is being dragged by their arm, confront the adult! A coward walks away and does nothing! JUST DO IT! “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” –ALBERT EINSTEIN***