Good News

Ari, All I can say is you are a miracle worker and have helped me in so many ways.  Dr. Cohn is one in a million and I am glad to net work with him and know he, like myself cares about getting people well and keeping us informed! He always has a positive upbeat manner and I am so glad to see so many children now getting adjusted and people feel safe with Ari to take their children to get adjusted. Prevention is the key with Dr. Cohn!

Princeton Day Spa

Mimi Baker another amazing healer and friend! This great whole health spa is where my office is located since November 1st, 2011. Princeton Day Spa is a full service spa, Hair stylist by Kelly Vance, Of  La Rebelle Salon our new addition!  We offer facials, pedicures, manicures, waxing, body treatments. We have a wonderful staff of women who are excellent with way over 10 years of experience. Mimi Baker, ( who can be reached at 609-937-9341 to set up an appointment with.) is the owner and another “The Best”. Acupuncturist”. Mimi Baker is wonderful, with women issues and treats many, many issues with acupuncture. She is a delight and I am so very, very happy to be able to work with her at her Whole Health Spa. I am blessed with like minded people who  get us well without a pill. This is a FIVE STAR SPA!


Lawrenceville Acupuncture Center, LLC

John Urich, my hero! The best Acupuncturist in Lawrenceville, NJ. If  it was not for John Urich, I truly believe I would not be alive today. If you don’t go to the best, you can not know the best. He is the best! Please feel free to contact me so you understand why! I do not refer people who are not, THE BEST!


Ewing Chiropractic Center – Werner E Hoff DC
Here is another Top, Top Chiropractor. Dr Hoff is my Chiropractor. He also is the best Chiroprator for Cats, Dogs, Horses and small animals. Yes!, he adjust animals and when you see a dog that could not walk, walk you’ll see why I have him on my links page. Miracle upon Miracles.  All my animals go to him and I saw the miracles happen in front of my eyes and with myself as well . He is the best! Please take your animals and all I ask is to try and trust me. i will never send you to someone I don’t have work on me and see great results!

Rebarber Chiropractic Center

Wayne and I worked together, I believe chiropractic and massage therapy are so important in maintaining balanced health. Wayne does much more than most chiropractors and is an incredible healer. Please book an appointment with him you won’t be unhappy, is truly amazing! Don’t forget to book an appointment with myself  as well!