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Please contact Suzanne Newman to book an appointment today at 609-647-0049. Suzanne’s Massage Therapy Session is always designed for your special needs. I use several different styles including, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, pregnancy massage, neuromuscular therapy technique, cupping, stretching and kinesio taping. I will give you suggestions and information on self care for active awareness in your health management. I  do not believe one size fits all program for health care and massage therapy sessions. Every person has specific needs when receiving massage therapy all depending on their lifestyles, injuries and sports of choice. When you come to a massage therapist you expect that therapist to be an expert in massage therapy correct? I am an expert in my field and I give you 22 years of massage therapy expertise and excellence. You will always get 110% as all my clients do and the results show so call today 609-647-0049!

Suzanne Newman –  Licensed Massage Therapist
By Appointment only

Cell# 609.647.0049

Located: As of December 1, 2017 

20 Nassau Street, Suite 12A 

Princeton, NJ

  Office hours:  

Monday thru Friday-  10am – 7pm

Saturdays- 10am – 5pm       Sundays- 10am-3pm

****House calls available and Gift Certificates for all occasions make the perfect gift****

Getting the Gift Certificate could not be easier!  Just call me for the Massage Therapy Gift Certificate, tell me what you would like written on it and I can mail it to you, send it to whomever you want or email it and you just mail me the check or use paypal for payment.

Gift Certificate Sample

Here is am example of the Gift Certificate that I will mail to you or send to your loved one or friend.

Office number 609-647-0049 

7% Sales Tax In Effect Starting October 1, 2006 Unless You Have A Prescription From A Doctor. Ask The Doctor To Have The Prescription Read: Massage Therapy for Musculoskeletal pain as needed.