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Why the need to get a Massage Therapy on a regular basis? Everyday stress takes a toll on all of us. One hour out of your day, you lay down quietly and as the massage therapist, through touch connects you with each part of your body. This brings your awareness of what is going on with that body part. My clients are shocked at the tension  they hold in their glutes and other areas of their bodies. Once they become aware of this tension, it becomes part of the conscious mind and you soon realize that sitting in that static chair causes big problems. Your pelvis, (part of the gluteal area) gets a great deal of tension from that static chair, which turns into tightness in the lower back, neck and shoulders. If these area’s are not worked on the problem increases, then the good ole doctor gives you pills to pop or sends you to PT. Not the answer folks, massage therapy is needed by everyone on of us!


I also need to add that massage and chiropractic go perfect together. If the muscles are tight, they inturn pull on the the vertebrae which cause subluxations/ displacement of the vertebrae. This is not wanted because it can cause nerves to not fire properly that go to specific organs. This causes big problems down the line. A good analogy would be the starting of a cavity in a tooth. You can’t feel it unless the dentist points it out to you right? Well if you do not go to the dentist that tooth end up being a root canal. If you would have caught it before it would have only been a filling. The back/spine/vertebrae have a heck of alot more stress than our mouth. Then I hear yes, but they want you to keep going back! Well guess what until stress stops, this is the new generation called PREVENTION! I get adjusted twice a week and I wish I could get a massage once a week but once a month and stretching, yoga and meditation will do for now.


http://www.chirodirectory.com/chiropractors/NJ/Ewing/Dr-Warner-Hoff-022388  Dr. Hoff is my  hero he adjusts pets. I say that with the greatest of praise. Dogs, cats, horses and please believe I have saw miracles happen right in front of my eyes! Please your animals with hip issues he is you man! My very good freind and another excellent, excellent Chiropractor is Dr. Ari Cohn, amazing! http://princetonchiropractic.com/ 


I’m also amazed when people go to their doctor, the first thing the doctor does is send them to a physical therapist. They slap on your back electric stimulation, moist hot pads and have you lifting weights. Then what happens people come to me because the physical therapy did nothing. Physical Therapy does not release tight muscles, what usually happens is, you tighten up even more by lifting weights. Come to me and get a massage, eat organically, drinking plenty of water, exercise, do yoga, meditation, walking and deep breathing,  (I would like to mention, the  http://www.artofliving.org/us-en this is where you learn to meditate and breathe stress away and I hold this in highest regard and rate on a scale of 1 to 10 definitely a 10. It is somewhat a miracle) There are Art of Living courses all over the Princeton area and surrounding areas.


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